Anger Issues??😾

Hello Wonderful People!!👫👭👬
Hope you all are doing well☺️
In this blog post I’ll be posting about what anger is and how we can manage our anger….Yes our so called Anger Issues this time😜
Let us first start by knowing what exactly Anger is🤔

According to Google – Anger is a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure and hostility😪. Coming down to our laymen language, It is a feeling that makes us do something negative🚫 in a specific situation for which the results or consequences will not give us something favorable(so far..)
Getting angry, Irritated, annoyed or tensed has became so common these days. Changing lifestyle, growing stress and reliability towards other, higher expectations, under achievement or whatever the case may be , being angry has taken a grip on everyone’s life😤. 

So Why We Get Angry? Listing below some of the reasons that makes one or everyone angry –

1. When our expectations are not met(Yes.. getting in shape in 2 weeks. Never works for me thou 😝)

2. When we feel threatened(How the hell they tried to threaten u?!)

3. Internal pressure or grudge towards something or someone

4. Loss of someone/something( I lost my favorite jewelry💍)

5. Someone’s rudeness(Uh!! So rude😒)

6. Being Hungry makes us angry too🍟🍔🌭🍕

7. Traffic Jams(They seriously suck!!🚗🚕🚙🚌🚎🚚🚓🚑🚒)

8. Embarrassment and Humiliation(For anything, u know..🙄

9. Deadlines and Disappointment

10. Being cheated on😿

11. Failure(Not getting 99% in 12th standard!! Oh I really failed..uh!!)

12. Financial Problems(Being Broke…so far💸💸💸)

13. Injustice(That’s not fair!!)

14. Delays(Oh c’mon, how long would it take to complete..)

15. Physical or mental illness(Running unwell these days😢)

And the list goes on……….

So how do we get to know that someone is getting angry??🔛

Getting angry involves a lot many signs be it physical or mental or emotional. Got a list prepared for that too 😉

1. Stressing nerves

2. Increased Heart rate💗

3. Escaping from situation(Let’s get going🏃🏼🏃🏼🏃🏼)

4. Headache

5. Shaking(P.S.-Earthquake😜)

6. Sweating

7. Being Irritated(Stop!!…uhhh!!)

8. Abusing(@$%*)

9. Getting sarcastic(As if I care)

10. Losing sense of humor

11. Raising voice

12. Feeling stressed, guilty or anxious

13. Begin to yell or scream

And many more differing from one person to another on the basis of their attitude or personality.

Now after knowing these reasons and signs being directly connected to get angry. What’s left is How we can lower down or make a deal with our anger.

1. First of all, Do not take things personally!!! (It’s just life, nothing will last so chill)

2. Sit in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed(Shhhhhh….)

3. Walk away from the thing/person/situation(Only for a short period of time just to relax)

4. Listen to music

5. Or Sing along(La La La La La…)

6. Take a deep Breath

7. Laugh (hahahahahahahahhahahhaha…okay! Went offbeat now :p)

8. Ignore the source that is making you angry
9. Drink cold water and sleep

10. Forgive

11. Ask for help

12. Meditate

13. Go for walk

Now After understanding all the know hows about the word ANGER. We can ease it a bit. Coz’ Admit it nobody likes to be in a situation that makes them angry or irritated and Moresoever it won’t do any good to ur mood and health too.
So Stop being Angry and Cheers to the beautiful life..😇

Posted by Bhanu Sharma


Was roaming out with my cousins and suddenly an “oh so cute” puppy grabbed my eyeballs.. I ran towards him and saw he was in great pain. His left leg was bleeding, don’t know what had happened to him but it made me so much disturbed! Me and my cousins quickly ran for the nearest dog clinic where we got to know that the little creature was suffering from immense pain due to an accident:(. His breath was going slower. I don’t know what to say but at that particular point of time my heart skipped a beat💔


Though i am not a pure animal lover but yes these little puppies and cats and some other creatures do have my attention and affection😌😍


We asked the docter if there’s any such way through which we can save his life.
He just said- “i’ll try”
Since the little puppy was badly injured the hope is less. After some time the docter came out and said -“Though we have done the general treatment but still this dog needs to be cared well which is not possible at the streets, we need to find an adopter or else we’ll send this puppy to our NGO”🙌
Listening the the words of the docter, one of my cousin, Ritwik decided to adopt the pup.
His decision of adoption made all of us overwhelmed😄


After some time, we took the puppy home..And then the most awaited “Name Ceremony”😄 happened
So many names were created and destroyed😝 At the end the name we choose was “Casper”🌟
Each one of us liked the name 👌

Days passed and so does the years Casper is still with our Family 👪🐶


I so thanked God for giving us such a beautiful creation of his to look after.:)
The spark i see in his eyes👀 reminds me of that day when i first met him
The day when we got our special “Casper”🐶🌟


To us they are just a part of our life.. But to them we are their whole life“🐶❤

Posted by Bhanu Sharma

Relationship Add on’s..❤❤

Welcome back people!!
Hope you all doing fabulous:)
Today i’ll be posting about all that add on’s that may look small in our general life but are one of the most important ones that makes our relationships more beautiful.
In this post i’ll be sharing some of the things that both the guys and the girls can do so that they can have a better and special bond with their partners..;)


Here we go!
Heard of ladies first before?
Hahahahaha let do it then in that way 😉
Girls include these basics in your daily routine with your partner and feel the difference

🌟 Text him- Yea it’s super important in a relationship that you both equally contribute towards the communication and why should he be the one who texts you first always! Ditch this habit and make a move.
🌟 Appreciate him- Nothing will make your man feel sexy apart from the fact that his main is appreciating him for his efforts


🌟 Smile at him
🌟 Never ever bring up the past- Well exactly you guys are in present so why to bring up the past in between to ruin the things. Please girls he’ll be left so much hurt and disappointed with this and you intentionally or unintentionally don’t want that.
🌟 Give him small surprises and be the reason for his happiness
🌟 Never ever argue in public
🌟 Give him ‘HIS’ time
🌟 Ask him about his day
🌟 Spend some ‘WE’ time


🌟 Cook something for him or if you don’t know cooking prepare him some sandwitches or favorate drink for him
🌟 Support and encourage him for his career and life 🙂

Well after the ladies, here it goes for the GENTLEMEN’S
🌟 Send her cute texts especially in the mornings. It can actually keep her smiling whole day
🌟 Buy her chocolates or something that she likes


🌟 Go for a walk with her
🌟 Look in her eyes and make her feel special
🌟 Call her beautiful
🌟Trust her
🌟 Never ever disrespect her
🌟 Don’t become ‘Oh so possessive’ or overly overprotective towards her
🌟 Give her space- I know I know she’s your’s but we all need some “ME” time
🌟 Respect her lifestyle
🌟 Hug her for no reason and kiss her on forehead


🌟 Hold her hand and tell her she’s beautiful

Apart from all these there are some things that both guys and girls need to do
🎀 If u are in a relationship , be loyal
🎀 Stay caring towards each other
🎀 Never ever Compare
And love yourself too❤
Relationships are all about you two donot bring any third person in between because as with the third person comes the problems and insecurities that can actually break or weaken your relation for lifetime

Find your love , respect it and live in peace 🙂


Posted by Bhanu Sharma

This Morning..

Woke up from the sleep and went to the balcony. Woooooow what a fresh and fantastic morning it is. Fresh air, light rays of the sun scattering over the houses, birds chriping so decided to take a walk to the neaby park.
As walking I turned my favourate song on and put my hands in the pocket and walked. This time the lyrics meant something else, it wasn’t like before, so refreshing, so calm, so peaceful i’m feeling.
Watching the trees, feeling the air seeing the birdie mates cosying around. And with all of this I got a feeling that yes if your morning is best you’ll have your whole day at your best!
Back home, coffee in my hand and purposefully instead of watching the t.v. Programmes I switched to my rooftop from where I can see the rising sun (it looks great, I must say). Watching the sun rising is like an aid to the mind and soul.
I started my day like this and hoping for you all to have the bestest mornings of your all. 🙂

Let it go..!!

Hola Amigos!!
Itz been a week or so I last posted. Been working on something new and beneficial for you all as well as for me too!
Lately I’ve been going through my phone’s photo gallery and saw some of the old groupfies and Clicks of the old mates. All I got was just the flashback of those memories captured and a smile on my face..


Ofcourse we people somewhere shared very great moments of all. We know that smile we get when we remember any of our crazy and ahemm! Kinky stuff and moments with your friends, family or any special person you ever had in your life!! :’). That’s been the best part of memories!
But back then I got to realise that. Photos are still there but some people in them aren’t.. Hurtful yet the true fact. It doesn’t happen with everyone but yeah there are people who had faced it all. And the things that could be mainly responsible for all this are many. Some disconnected themselves, Some we deleted from our lives, Some running after life, some has it all, Developing priorities, Life scheduling, Misunderstandings( damnn! This one is the biggest bizzare) ,unwillingness… And bla bla bla so on. This list somehow never ends!
But What if in reality all this list never happened to us. We could have been more closer, better and clearer with the vision of having some of the best people in our life.
And all this has just came out to be lame excuses just to escape!!

For a moment why don’t we just keep all this excuses to that corner and contact just once to all those who matter!! And believe me its not difficult, all you just need to push yourself out of your daily chaos and put a little bit of effort towards building a bond that just broke or got lost due to some cranky reasons..
Keep that ego aside and-

Let go of all those bad things,bad memories and grudges and make a move forward!!

Because it will help you only to get better and positive life all filled with happiness and love in it 🙂

Posted by Bhanu Sharma

That Curve on Your Face!!

Yes, itz your smile!
Scientifically, Just a facial expression. But in the humanistic approach it’s so so more than just a facial expression.
I just love to smile!!
We all smile everyday, at moments, sometimes just by reminding some (xoxo) stuff.
But i’ve seen some people who don’t even smile! (Aaahh! the ruthless attitude and look they gottaa be maintaining 😉 ). Hahaahaa moving on, Today i’m just gonna share with you all some small reasons to smile more!
And here it goes~
1. It makes you happy!! (Even if u r not).
2. Your smile can make others happy ( one of the best reason to smile more ).
3. Well, through smiling you look more attractive 😉
4. It creates Confidence among you.


5. Smiling often makes you more of a positive person.
6. Smiling during a stressful situation makes it less complicated!
7. Smiling pissess off your haters( hahahahahaah, widen that curve honey ;)).
8. And here’s the big one! It makes your photographs more beautiful ( ummm cheeseeee ^_^)).

So why not smile?
Smile as big as you can! Feel your inner vibe and pass a smile to the world.. 😉

Posted by Bhanu Sharma


Itz been 2 hours and I haven’t spoken a word!! Usually a very jolly, crazy and the loud one in the room. But this time, no words wants to come out of my mouth.
Deep inside, i’m really enjoying it
The coffee, this cold breeze and me.

Aaahhhh! Finally, Realising the happiness of being silent and enjoying it.

What all you guys have been doing?

Share your Current situations.. 🙂

Posted by Bhanu Sharma

Improve your “Mood”

And yes it’s easy like anything!!
Eat the right food for the right emotion and feel happy again.
If you are feeling-
~ Stressed- Eat Dark choclate.


~ Groggy- Have some spinach (It improves your concentration).
~ Grumpy- Have apple with peanut butter. It stabilizes your blood sugar!
~ Angry- Drink Chamomile tea. Sit back and relax.


~ Sad- Have some non-fat milk or you can have your favorate ice cream 😉
~ Happy- Keep doing what you’re doing!!
Stay happy Stay fit Stay Strong
And dont let those mood swings let you down. 😉

Posted by Bhanu Sharma

Coffee and the “Health Benefits”

We all have came across the phrase ‘Have coffee to boost your energy’
But ever wondered if it has any health benefits?
Hers’s the good news guys!! It has some of the proven health benefits that you all will love to know!

1. The foremost and the favorate
It improves your energy level and makes you more smarter
(Isn’t it a strong reason to start drinking it 😉 )
2. It can improve your physical performance (wohooo!! For this )
3. It has eseential nutrients in this which helps your body in various ways
4. It helps to fight depression and make you more happier (kudos to this one)
5. It has anti-aging properties.

And most of all.. It severaly decreses the risk of cancer in human body

So why not drink coffee!!
“Go get your mug filled up for yourself and for me too ”